Is it true that you are considering performing clay tile floor cleaning to eliminate all the stains from the surface without damaging your tile? There are endless cleaners available, that one can easily make a mistake choosing the right product. Regardless of whether you locate the correct cleaner, little carelessness can prompt significant issues with your ceramic surfaces. In this article, we will talk about the do’s and don’ts of ceramic tile cleaning with the goal that you can keep up the radiance and gloss of your surfaces for a long.

To start with, let us understand some characteristics of Ceramic Tile before we continue to how we should clean it.

Ceramic Tile Characteristics:

Ceramic tile is not as permeable as a natural stone tile like marble, travertine, or slate.

Yet, it is permeable to some extent and needs to be cleaned with top quality penetrative cleaners that can ensure complete hygiene and sanitization of the surfaces.

Regardless of its non-porous nature, it does tend to get stubborn or dense stains due to oil, grease, grime, and dirt.

If not cleaned quickly, food and beverage spills may leave a mark or stain on the surface.

Ceramic tile can get etched on using acidic cleaners.

Acidic fruit juices or beverage spills on the surface also cause etching.

Etching marks are nothing but corrosion of the top enamel coating of the tile. This forms a rough patch, which easily absorbs dirt and forms denser stains.

Do’s of Ceramic Tile Cleaning:

Ensure you clean the food and beverage spills immediately to avoid getting stains on the tile surface. If the spills are left for a very long time, the stains will get deeper into the surface, leading to permanent damage.

When using a tile cleaner for cleaning ceramic floors, make sure it is a robust and deep-penetrative one to ensure no hidden stains are not left behind.

When cleaning ceramic floors, focus on cleaning the grout. Grout is a permeable mixture of sand and cement, added between two tiles to fasten them. Grout lines suck up water when not sealed and lead to staining and mold breeding.

For the perfect cleaning of tile and grout, it’s recommended to use a high quality brush. The bristles should be strong enough to spindle in all directions to remove the hidden stains and mold.

Don’ts of Ceramic Tile Cleaning:

It’s not advisable to use acidic cleaners for ceramic tile floor cleaning. Acidic cleaners cause etching on the surface and ruin the look and beauty of your surfaces for a long.

Do not use sharp tools or abrasives to scrub the surface. These may cause scratches on the floor, ruining the aesthetics of your tile.

Which is a Recommended Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaner?

A deep-penetrative, robust cleaner that will soak deep into the surface of the tile is highly recommended.

So, if you are looking for ceramic tile floor cleaning the right way, follow the instructions given above.