Regardless of whether you’ve had your rug for just a couple of years or it’s been passed down from ages to ages, it is a wonderful work of art and, with the right care, could last you a lifetime. Your rug is the component that ties everything in the room together, and you need to ensure you take great care of it. All in all, you might be pondering, how frequently would it be advisable for me to get my rug cleaned?

Fortunately, it doesn’t need a ton of maintenance like washing your vehicle consistently, yet it includes a touch of upkeep. Indeed, we suggest that you get your rug cleaned somewhere around each 3-5 years so that you keep up the dynamic quality of your rug’s colors and eliminate all dirt that may have been tracked in throughout the years to help prevent wear of the pile.

To preserve your rug’s worth and aesthetics, we recommend that an expert clean your rug. With hefty pedestrian activity, dirt and grit get caught in the lower part of the heap of your rug. This dirt acts like sandpaper that separates the pile of a rug, which causes wear and damage to the rug. Hence we recommend that your rug undergo a professional high powered dusting service that wipes out the dust and grit.

Next, your rug should be pre-sprayed to separate stains and release any dirt that was not effectively eliminated. A decent cleaning just as shampooing is expected to draw out the dynamic quality of color as well as the softness and elasticity of the filaments in your rug.

Finally, your rug goes through a heated water flush just as careful water extraction. If your rug needs some other extra services such as urine extraction, moth treatment, stain watch, extra aerating, or periphery lighting up, ensure you contact your cleaning professional to know the next step to take. When your rug has been completely cleaned, it should be dried in a protected, humidity-controlled room. While your rug is being taken care of by another person, ensure you ask whether it is completely protected against tragic occasions, for example, robbery and fire while on the premises.

Try not to take a risk with your beautiful rug. We realize that mats can be nostalgic and hard if not difficult to replace. In case you’re uncertain of where to go, let the experts at Fresh Carpet clean, clean it for you! We provide professional carpet and rug cleaning services and provide professional hand rug cleaning of a wide range of rugs, including new and antique carpets, just as rugs produced using silk, fleece, and human-made materials.