Wood floors can be a great addition to any home. Numerous individuals love wood floors because of their versatile nature regarding stylistic layout, just as the characteristic magnificence they can bring to a home. Another reason why mortgage holders love wood floors is their low maintenance compared with other floor surfaces. In any case, it would be a mistake to accept that since you have wood floors, you don’t need to do carry out maintenance on them.

Actually, adequate wood floors maintenance is fundamental if you want to secure them and keep them glancing in the ideal shape for your home — also, keeping them clean for your family and guests to your home. The best way to viably maintain hardwood surfaces is to enlist an expert hardwood floor cleaner to occasionally profoundly clean, disinfect, polish and reestablish your floors to keep them perfect and to look new.

How do you deep clean wood floors?

Apart from your scheduled professional deep cleanings, discussed below are things you can do to help maintain your hardwood floors’ integrity and strength. Here are a few tips:

Sweep or dust daily

Presumably, the best thing you can accomplish for your hardwood floor is to clear or dust them routinely with a delicate brush or material. After some time, dust particles and dirt, and grime can develop on a superficial level and in the wood’s grain. Allergens and microscopic organisms that amass on the floor not only can spread through the home and be impeding to one’s wellbeing. However, they can likewise cause damage to the floor through scratches and other surface damage. Thus it is essential to use a delicate brush that won’t scratch your floor.


Mopping is additionally a typical way numerous individuals attempt to keep their hardwood floors clean. However, there are a couple of things to remember when mopping. To start with, ensure you avoid conventional locally acquired cleansers and cleansers, as these will, in general, leave a sheen or film on the surface and may even contain unsafe synthetic substances. Next, it is significant to avoid permitting water to pool on your floor. Pooling water can make the wood twist and result in permanent damage. To prevent this, wring your mop out altogether before you use it, and if vital, dry your floors manually in the wake of cleaning.


An alternative to mopping is vacuuming, although care should be taken. Vacuums are heavy and also have the potential to scratch the surface of your hardwood floors. Be sure to use a vacuum with a hard floor function and be cautious of vacuums that have beater bars and wheels that could cause dents.

Have them professionally cleaned

The most effective way to keep your hardwood floors in top condition and protect your investment in them is to have them professionally cleaned. Hiring professionals working for Fresh Carpet clean will not only deep clean them to your home healthier but will restore the natural beauty and add a shine that will help prevent future build-up.


Our expertly trained Fresh Carpet clean specialists will initially carry out a total assessment to ensure that your floors get the right service for them. They will check for deep scratches and different imperfections, just as whether your floor has an acrylic covering.

Polish or Acrylic Coating Removal

If your hardwood flooring does have an acrylic coating or other floor polish build-up, our specialists will inspect the floor surface for coatings and remove it using our Wood Floor Polish Remover.

Wood Floor Polish

At last, a wood floor finish will be used on your floor to complete it with an inconspicuous defensive layer that features the natural beauty of the wood and provides a layer of defense against future dirt and other unsafe elements until your next cleaning.

While selecting a hardwood floor cleaner in Houston, the best choice for you and your house is to go with Fresh Carpet clean – a reputable service you trust. Our expert wood floor cleaning isn’t merely the most ideal alternative for getting your wood floors looking appealing again, yet in addition, the most ideal approach to keep them clean and sanitary for you and your family.

Contact Fresh Carpet clean today for your professional wood floors deep cleaning.