Most times, while cleaning the tile, we neglect the grout. It is the slimline found between two tiles. The grout is designed to join the tiles together. It is made of concrete and sand and subsequently is very permeable. It easily ingests water and fluid spills, prompting stains and mold development. Grout additionally breaks and disappears in certain territories, prompting holes in the surface. If you imagine that these modest grout lines won’t cause any significant damage, then you must reconsider. The mold breeding on these rapidly spreads to the entire tile surface. In any case, cleaning grout must be done in a proper manner. Highlighted below are the don’ts

Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes and the Right Methods

Using too much Water while Cleaning:

Never neglect the structural integrity of grout. Even though it’s permeable, using too much water will only cause excess absorption. Too much water present at its molecular level will make its root level to be weakened. Moisture easily gets trapped in the pores and later offers favorable circumstances for mold growth and development. If you use excess water for grout cleaning, the excess might penetrate deep beneath the tile layout and weaken the adhesive used in the installation of the tile, which can later lead to tile loosening.

The Right Method:

Use powerful products that easily help to remove all hidden traces of mold, mildew, and stains within the grout lines without using excess water.

Abrasive Cleaners:

If you are considering using a strong metal scrub on your grout, then the consequences await you. Harsh or abrasive cleaners rip off the top sealant coat from the tile and grout, making them vulnerable to moisture absorption and staining.

The Right Method:

The right method to clean the grout lines is to use a grout-friendly brush with the perfect bristles that do not remove the sealant but manage to remove the hidden germs and mold because of the way the bristles swivel.

Using Colored Chemicals:

Some stain removers come with very strong colors that easily discolor your grout. The permeable surface absorbs these colors of the chemical and loses its own color. If you have recently got grout color matching done using pigmented solvent-based sealers, then colored chemicals can discolor the lines easily.

The Right Method:

The right method is to use a grout cleaner that does not have any strong color of its own. It should be tough on the stains and mold and ineffective on the grout color.

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