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Maintaining a high level of appearance and sanitation on heavily used floor areas can be a daunting task. Cleaning professionals are challenged by a combination of porous tile and grout, problems associated with moisture, “walk-in” soils, and contaminants — all of which have the potential to leave lasting damage on a hard floor’s surface

The conventional way to maintain these floors — mopping with string or flat mops — usually creates greater problems. This is because mop water becomes contaminated as soon as the mopping process begins, regardless of the mopping bucket system used — single, dual, or separate buckets.

Mopping with soiled mop water causes the floor to become stained. Bacteria can develop, and grout areas may discolor as the dirty water becomes embedded in the tile and grout.

When this happens, they turn to powerful, but potentially harmful, acids and other chemicals to clean the tile and grout. Rotary buffers are called in to strip and remove soils. However, rotary buffers are often not effective at deep-cleaning grout, and the entire cleaning process can affect the indoor air quality by releasing potentially harmful toxins into the air.

Still, some contractors believe these problems have been solved because more effective floor sealants have been developed. However, even the best sealants start to break down relatively quickly, and as this happens, soiling, discoloring, and odors develop.

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